We are an online market place operation in all tetiary institution community (University, Polytechnic and College of Education) with the intent to develop the entrepreneurial ability of bonafide members of the campus(students and staff) in order to earn extra income to support themselves and gain financisl freedom through the buying and selling of goods and rendering of services within the campus community and its environ

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Our mission is to encourage local vendors on campus and also help drive sales of goods and services . We are not just an online shopping arena but we care about students doing small to medium scale businesses and we aim at promoting it to the fullest through our online channels. We also care about our old and new customers and we would do all it takes to keep improving the platform to meet your needs.

Our mission is to create wealth for undergraduates ,academic and non-acedemic staff and to circulate the money flow within the campus.This interaction also fosters relationship and support among all our subscribers (vendors and customers)